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Honesty, Integrity, Fairness and Trust; we live these values. Isn’t it time you made the change?

Drivers Wanted

At Intermark we call you by your name, not by your truck number.  We designed our entire driver compensation program around you – the professional driver.    Enjoy competitive compensation, an excellent work-life balance, full benefits, and great equipment. Best of all, our drivers spend their weekends at home.

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Driver Qualities Desired

Dependable – Being on time and prepared. Before, during and after trip familiar with equipment and its condition. Communicates well with coworkers, customers, and authority. Willingness to help, ability to anticipate, and recognize potential issues before they occur or know how to react to minimize impact when they do occur.

Safety Conscience – Driver adheres to logs, supports ongoing training, and communicates delays and or issues early on with dispatch and/or customers due to hours of service, bad weather, traffic congestion, etc. Does not speed or tailgate. “They understand how to completely avoid accident situations.” “Driver is mindful of bad weather and other motorists, doesn’t driver aggressively, and obeys all rules of the road.”

Prideful – demonstrated by the use and appearance of uniforms, maintenance and cleanliness of tractor and trailer

Compliant – aware of the regulations, polite and helpful, respects authority

Family Values – respects his/her spouse/partner and appreciates time home with family, and friends.

Respectful – respectful of authority, communicates with customers and provides quality customer service, respectful of those around him on the road as well as his fellow drivers. “Not hard on the equipment.” He looks after his truck and trailer as if his own.

Knowledgeable – “He knows enough about his truck to know when it needs attention, and gets it when it’s needed.” Acquired good training from a school and on the job. Has good people skills.

Awareness – “He knows the value of being a good driver, and will do nothing to jeopardize that standing.”

Attitude – Having a positive, and willingness to help & learn attitude. “I am thinking that being a good driver is more about one’s attitude and practicing what one has learned while behind the wheel and also in everyday life as well.”